Parks – Korea

Korea has a number of interesting parks that any kind of tourist should not miss. At present, there are 20 national parks that are located in South Korea alone. Three fourths of them can be found on the mountainous region while four are in the coastal area. The remaining one is a historical park.

It does not matter how many parks you will be able to cover during your stay. What matters is that you are able to explore each of them so you will be able to best appreciate the beauty within.

Location and How to Get There

Not all of the parks are standing nearby each other but you can easily draft your itinerary including as much as you can check out with the help of your tour guide. He will also be the one to give you recommendations on which ones to prioritize.

As is ideal, you must start your exploration at Seoul, the country’s capital city since late 1300s. Its Pagoda Park or Tapkol Park is great for those who love observing people. Then, proceed to other, more interesting parks like the Jirisan National Park, the largest mountainous national park; and the Dadohaehaesang, the largest coastal national park.

Do not worry about reaching the parks because your tour guide will show your way around. It also helps that Korea’s transport service is efficient.

What to See There

Basically, the parks house some of the most breathtaking views you can enjoy while in Korea. Since most of them are in the mountain peaks, you will not be suppressed of picturesque views of the surrounding area.

The parks are also packed with lively flora and fauna as well as many different wildlife species. They are like the treasure chests of nature’s most beloved blessings. Being surrounded with astounding natural resources will keep you at peace and relaxed. Watching how these natural wonders go by is good enough to strip you off all the stresses in the world.

The peaceful and tranquil surroundings of the parks are a nice way to breakaway from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life.


The Jirisan National Park is the very first park that was designated to the Jirisan Mountains. It was built in late 1960s. All of the parks, including Jirisan, are being managed by the Korea National Parks Services, which was put up in 1987.


There is a minimal fee to pay for your entrance to the parks. As much as they are not too costly, the amount is also worthy of what’s waiting within the grounds.

Other Info

The smallest national park is Wolchulsan with only 56.1 square kilometers in land area.