Parque Metropolitano in Santiago de Chile – Chile

Parque Metropolitano is a major attraction in Santiago de Chile, one of the most alluring cities in Chile.

Location and How to Get There

Parque Metropolitano or the Metropolitan Park is a huge 722 hectare property in Santiago de Chile. It is quite easy to get there either via the Metro System or the local bus. You should not have any difficulty of finding the place because it is a popular tourism site in all of the city and the country in general.

What to See There

Parque Metropolitano is one the largest parks in the world; it is the biggest in Chile. It houses a wonderful green nature that you would not get tired of exploring.

The vast park area has two swimming pools, play areas, restaurants, a chapel, and a botanical garden. It is where you will find the hills of San Cristobal or Cerro San Cristobal. It is also where the hills of Chacarillas, Piramide, and Gemelos are located.

If you want to swim in the outdoor pools, you may do so, especially if you time your visit between November and March. The rest of the year, the pools are not suitable for the weather.

You may also enjoy a ride through the cable car. This way, you will be able to access certain points of the park with ease. The pool at the northwest slope of the hill of San Cristobal is accessible by cable car as well as the Botanical Garden and the Camino Real restaurant.

There are also shopping facilities inside Parque Metropolitano. At the shops, you can enjoy plenty of handicrafts as well as many other products lifted from different regions in the country.

Another popular attraction at the park is the National Zoo. This is where you can find exotic species of animals. All the animals bear signs that contain information on their acquisition as well as other important details.


Parque Metropolitano’s forestration began in 1921. Five years later, it was converted into a public area by Mayor Alberto Mackenna.


To be able to explore Parque Metropolitano in totality, you must prepare a good budget for your adventure. Hiking the summit, which is a main attraction and which will give you a breathtaking view of the Andes Mountains, costs $900-$1600 alone. There are many other attractions and sites that you should pay for in order to explore.

Other Info

No less than Pope John Paul II, now Blessed John Paul, got charmed by Parque Metropolitano. He visited its summit in late 1980s.