Pelister National Park in Bitola – Macedonia

Pelister National Park in Bitola is one of the chief attractions in Macedonia. For nature lovers, this park offers plenty to see and do.


The park is 15 km from Bitola, the second biggest city in Macedonia. It is straddling the Macedonian southern border with Greece. It is by the Baba Mountain. The park is 75 km away from Ohrid Airport. Skopje Airport is farther away, about 170 km.

What to See

Alpine characteristics dominate the park. The mountain range in the site has 25 peaks. The height exceeds 2,000 meters. The tallest peak reaches a height of 2,601 meters. Hiking trails abound. There are also forests tourists can check out. There are also many springs.

The Pelister National Park in Bitola is also known for its diverse fauna and flora. Of the latter, one of the most significant is Pinus peace (five-needle pine molica). The wildlife is varied; the Pelagonia trout, redbilled jackdaws and partridges abound.

Several types of eagles can be seen in the park. Rabbits, wild boars, deer and chamois proliferate. There are also wolves, roe deer and bears. Also popular among visitors are the mountains of Bitola, Jakupica, Galichica and Nidzhe. The two mountain lakes are known as Pelister’s Eyes.


Situated 600 meters high at the base of a mountain, the site was established in 1948. It is the first national park in Macedonia. Since its inception, the place has increased in popularity. Its rugged mountains offer a great complement to the landscape.

Since it opened, the site has become known for its fantastic views. Since it began, the vistas it offers of Lake Prespa and Pelagonia valley have never failed to captivate people.


Taxis have an initial flat rate of 30 denars with extra added per kilometer. During peak tourist season however, the fare can reach 70 to 100 denars.

Other Info

If you plan to go hiking, make sure to bring some food and drinks. Some trails are short, but others can take up to ten hours. If you are going on the long trail, bring all the necessary equipment.

One of the most popular trails will take you to glacial lakes. From this trail you can go up to Mount Baba. Make this climb only when there is no fog.

The Pelister National Park in Bitola is also famous for skiing. First time visitors should note that the climate varies across the site.