Peninsula de Samana and Samana Bay in Samana – Dominican Republic

The Samana Peninsula and bay in the Dominican Republic are two of the most beautiful locations in the country. Those who have never been to the country will definitely find this part enticing.


The peninsula is at the Samana province. It is linked to the country via the isthmus of Samana. The major roads to Santa Barbara city are the Samana Highway and Dr-5. You can also fly directly into the place via the El Catey International Airport. The Samana Bay is to the northeast of the Dominican Republic. It is to the peninsula’s south.

What to See

Majority of the beaches of the peninsula are at Santa Bárbara de Samana city. The beaches are the place to go for swimming, sunbathing and just relaxing. The city also has three rivers.
If you are at Santa Barbara city, you should be able to see the whales by the bay.

Another popular activity here is horse riding. The adventurous types can go motorbiking or a 4WD. You can also dine in several restaurants. The cuisines here range from the Dominican to French, Italian and many more. There are also night clubs around.


When Columbus came upon the peninsula, he called it Golfo de las Flechas (gulf of the Arrows). The bay has about 25 km north-south and 65 km east-west. The river of Yuna is still flowing in this bay. Even back then, numerous cays (small islands) can be seen along the bay. Several of them have beaches. One of the most popular is Levantado Cay.

During the 19th century, the US, Britain and France all wanted to control the bay, and thus the Caribbean. During this period, pirates visited the bay and the peninsula quite often.


A round trip ticket to the Dominican Republic will cost about 1000 USD. However, there are many travel sites online that offer discounted prices.

Other Info

To the southeast of the Samana Bay is the National Park Los Haitises. The place is very popular with tourists thanks to its diverse flora and fauna. After touring the area, you can relax in any of the accommodations in the city. There are hostels for the budget travelers and five star hotels for those who want to splurge.

The Samana Peninsula and bay are also very popular due to the dolphins that stay there throughout the year. The Humpback whales are seen during the spring and winter at the bay. They go there to breed.