Peninsula Valdes in Chubut Province – Argentina

A tour of the Peninsula Valdes is one of the most enthralling adventures you can have while in Argentina. One of the most famous landmarks in the country, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The peninsula is along the coast of the Atlantic at the Viedma Department. This is northeast of Chubut Province. The city gateway is Puerto Madryn. To get in, you can take the bus going to Puerto Piramides (the only village at the peninsula). You can also use the tours at Puerto Madryn.

What to See

The Flat-Patagonia Steppe, with its knee high bushes, is a popular destination. The shores from October to March are filled with penguins. If you want to watch the whales, visit anytime from June to December. A tour of the Peninsula Valdes also gives you the chance to see gray foxes, maras and guanacos.

Other creatures in the peninsula include seals, lions and elephants. During the month of April, you may see killer whales by the Punta Norte shore.

There are other activities you can do when in the site. At Puerto Piramides, you can have a boat tour and watch the whales from there.

Most of the tours of the peninsula begin in the morning and last until the evening. Aside from the sites mentioned, the tours will include a trip to the Visitor Center where you can get more information.


The Spaniards were the first Europeans to go into the valley. This took place in the latter part of the 1700s. They created a fort and set up trade relations with the Tehuelche, the native population. Conflict between the two groups broke out. In 1810, all the Spaniards were killed.

To this day, Puerto Madryn remains the only town in the area. The town is situated at the Puerto Piramides settlement. Sheep are maintained here. Majority of the land is barren. However, there are some lakes in the area.


The entrance fee for non Argentinian residents is ARG$45. For locals, it is ARG$15.

Other Info

Scuba diving is another popular activity here. Those who love adventures can also try sand boarding and mountain biking. The latter is particularly enticing. You can also go snorkeling and fishing.

If you are going on a tour of the Peninsula Valdes, you can go to Puerto Piramides. There are several restaurants and tourist shops in the area. You will also find some hostels, hotels and an Internet call center in town.