Perinet – Madagascar

Perinet is a special reserve on the east of the capital Antananarivo. It is not just the most accessible reserve but also the most visited in Madagascar.

Location and How to Get There

Perinet is about 145 kilometers east of the country’s capital Antananarivo. By road travel, you will need to allot about three hours. That travel time, however, is worth it because of the beauty and charm that will be introduced right before your eyes.

What to See There

Perinet is a special reserve. It is a special nesting place for a number of species. Birders especially call this place a special haven as it houses rainforest-dependent endemic birds including Madagascar blue pigeon, Common Sunbird-asity, Blue and Red-fronted couas, Coral-billed nuthatch vanga, and Madagascar long-beared owl.

Aside from birds, there are other species like lemurs and frogs and red forest rats and chameleons. The rich vegetation and well-maintained gentle trails are also points of attraction.

Walking and hiking are two popular activities in Perinet. There are trails that will allow you to get a glimpse of the charming side of the reserve.


Perinet has long been a tourism treasure for Madagascar. Since it is highly accessible and its attractions cannot be undermined, it is difficult for tourists to resist taking on a Perinet adventure in their lifetime.


There is no word about the cost that visitors need to pay to enter Perinet. Whatever the cost may be, it is sure worth all the amazing things that you will be able to discover within the boundaries of the reserve.

Other Info

One of the reasons that make Perinet a hot pick among local and foreign tourists is its well-organized nature. There are excellent guides that will facilitate your tour so will be able to make the most out of it.

It is advisable that you start your adventure on Perinet early in the morning because this is the best chance you will get to see the Indri, the largest specie of lemur. During the early morning, the Indris are most active. They are moving; they are calling. You will see them at their best if you start on your journey early on.

Starting on a walk to see the Indri is nothing but an introduction to a long walk that you should expect ahead. Perinet is best explored on foot. There are walking trails that are available to guide you along with your company. Just make sure that you bring a bottle of water along to keep you hydrated for the duration of your journey.