Phulchowki in Kathmandu – Nepal

Phulchowki in Kathmandu is a very popular hiking destination be it among local or foreign tourists. Testament to this is the fact there are several tour operators that offer hikes to this hill on their itineraries.


The peak is 20 km southeast of the city. A taxi can bring you there in 60 minutes.

What to See

Hiking up the hill is usually done in the forest. From there you traverse scenic streams and see lovely birds. The whole trek will take an hour, but it is worth it. When you get to the top, spectacular views of Mount Everest can be seen along the east. To the west is Dhaulagiri Mountain.

The track heading up to the hill is a good place to spot some Tesia species. As the track goes up the mountain, follow the direction of the stream. Go take the path by the small valley. The Tesias are there. Over 250 bird species have been seen there. Some of them include the Brown Bullfinch, Red-billed Blue Magpie, Eurasian and Lancelated Jays and Maroon Oriole.

Its forests are renowned for their diverse flora and colorful butterflies. Some of the mammals you may come across are the Orange-bellied Squirrel, Yellow-throated Marten and leopard. Treks to the site also gives you the chance to see some of the holiest places in the land.

At the south of Patan is a 10 km road. This goes through the Godavari village. From there it heads into an open space at the base of the hills. You will find several interesting sights here.


Phulchowki in Kathmandu is named after a Hindu goddess. Many Hindus make their pilgrimage here. The tallest peak reaches a height of 2765 m. The city was once thought to be Shangri-la. The city has now become a major tourist destination. Along the main road, numerous nurseries have been established. These showcase the importance of botany in the region.


The cost will vary per tour operator and the itinerary. Roughly, it should be 700 USD or so per person. Traveling in a large group usually means lower costs.

Other Info

Prior to reaching the peak, you will come across the Godavari Gardens. The Godavari forests are well known for their assorted birds and flowers.

Phulchowki in Kathmandu and the surrounding areas have other places you can visit. These include the Mai Temple and Godavari Kunda. You can also visit the Bishankhu Narayan shine or the Shanti Ban Buddha.