Pokaini Forest in Riga – Latvia

The Pokaini Forest in Riga, Latvia is famous not for its lush greenery but for the supernatural mysteries enveloped in its area.

Location and How to Get There

The Pokaini Forest is located in a spot not too far from Riga, the capital city of Latvia. Its accessibility and the mysterious things that were associated with it were both top reasons behind its tourist draw.

It is about 13 kilometers away from the town of Dobele and can easily be reached via public and private transport.

What to See There

The Pokaini Forest posts some unusual sights – hills, deep valleys, and stone dykes among others. It cannot be overlooked, however, that the place has some allures on its own that people love coming back for.

The hilly landscapes sure make for a scenic sight that you could not possibly take for granted. Add to that is the fact that all areas inside the forest have some mystery in them. Your curiosity will never let you get away with a trip to Latvia without seeing the Pokaini Forest personally.


The Pokaini Forest’s whimsical aura was rooted from Latvia scientist Ivan Viks’ narration about meteorological anomalies as well as mysterious features that he had seen in the local rocks. Soon enough discussions of the same topic flooded, which means it was not only Viks who experienced mystery in the place. Some even came over for healing because they believe that the forest, specifically the stones can miraculously cure.

To date, the Pokaini Forest enjoys the same level of popularity. A lot of people who are curious about the place, its healing powers, and its mysteries never think twice about visiting.

Whether it is haunted, merely magical, or is affected by some supernatural powers, the Pokaini Forest is sure worth the trip. Since 2000, it has been under the supervision of the Latvian State Forests. It is the agency that handles preservation and conservation. Maintenance of facilities and road repairs are efficiently handled, making it even friendlier to tourists.


To enter the Pokaini Forest, you will be charged with 1.20 Latvian Lat, which is equivalent to 2.42 US Dollars. Students get discounts. They only need to pay 1LVL or a little over 1USD.

Other Info

For first time visitors, it is advisable that you employ the service of a tour guide. The sightseeing spots in the area are many and are scattered all over the place. It would be difficult for someone who hardly know the place which way to go.