Polo – Barbados

Polo in Barbados is one of the trendiest activities in the country. Its popularity has resulted in the appearance of numerous clubs and fields dedicated to the sport.

Location and How to Get to Polo Clubs

Many of the polo clubs can be found in Central Barbados. The country’s four fields are at Clifton, Water Hall, Lion Castle and Holders.

What to See There

The sport first appealed to the wealthy residents of the city. Today it is open for tourists and visitors to the country. Various events and tournaments are held throughout the year. The local Barbados team often competes with participants from overseas.

New fields are now being added to meet demands. The grounds are well kept. Luxury properties are also nearby for the wealthy participants.

Polo in Barbados is more than just a sport; it is an event. The occasion is marked by food, music, fashion, friends and the tropical lifestyle the island is famous for.


The sport emerged during the 19th century. It was introduced to the country by the British Cavalry. In a very short time, the sport became very popular among the local residents. The Barbados Polo Club was inaugurated in 1884.

From 1929 to 1939, club activities were suspended. But they were restored at the Garrison Savannah. In 1965, Holders, St. James became the center of activity.


The cost of playing polo can be high. You will need your own horse. There will be expenses for grain, hay, worming, shots etc. These will cost about $3,000 yearly. Polo lessons will cost $1,500 a year at least.

You must also set aside money for yourself in case of injury. There will be extra expenses for show entries, grooming, and other gaming accessories. The costs will go up if the horse gets injured. However, competition among service providers is helping bring costs

Other Info

Before you join the event, check the schedule first. There are many events that take place around the country. You should also check the schedule. Many of them start in the afternoon. The parties usually take place on Sundays. Tours around the polo fields is possible with some tour operators as well.

Polo in Barbados is no longer just for the rich. It is now a major social event that you can participate in with friends. It is also a great place to learn more about this lovely island nation.