Ponta d’Ouro in Maputo – Mozambique

Ponta d’Ouro in Mozambique is a favorite destination of divers and surfers. While there are many surfing sites in Africa, this is one of the best.


The place is just 20 km to the south of Maputo. You have to use a 4WD and travel by a sandy road. You can also board a ferry going to Catembe. Another option is the chapas that go to Maputo daily. With the chapas, the trip will take 2 hours.

What to See

The area is known for its near perfect waves. Visitors to the site will also get the chance to swim alongside dolphins. This activity is courtesy of dolphin conservationists. You will also learn a lot about the dolphins along the way. You can also go quad biking or jet skiing. Tourists can also ride on 4 x 4s. Nature lovers will relish the opportunity to watch turtles nesting.


The country’s modern history began in 1500 when the Portuguese set up trading towns and forts in the area. After World War I, the Portuguese quickly began developing the nation. Rapid developments in health care, education, agriculture and commerce improved the lives of the local inhabitants. In 1975, the country gained independence.

Following its independence, the foreign investments quickly stopped and instability set in. The country allied itself with the Soviet Union in the 1970s. The country soon became embroiled in a civil war. The hostilities ended in October 15, 1992 with the signing of the Rome General Peace Accords. The country is now officially a democracy with regular elections.


The cost of visiting Ponta d’Ouro in Mozambique will depend on where you are coming from. Those coming from the US and most other countries will need a visa. A single entry visa may cost anywhere from $10 to $77. There are many taxis, but most do not have meters.

The usual practice is to negotiate with the driver before getting onboard. In Maputo, the rate is 200 Mts flat. If you are going on longer trips, it will cost 400 Mts or more.

Other Info

Walking along its beaches is a popular activity. You can also go on picnics and check out the lighthouse. Visitors to the area may also want to sample the local beer.

Ponta d’Ouro in Mozambique is a great choice for diving aficionados. The depths vary from 12 to 50 meters. There are plenty of coral reefs and fish to see too.