Port Moresby in Tok Pisin – Papua New Guinea

Going on a Port Moresby tour is one of the most enjoyable things you can do when in Papua New Guinea. As the capital of the country, it is teeming with attractions and highlights.


The city can be found at the Papua Gulf shores. It is at the southeast coast of the island. It is the main entrance point to the country and many airlines fly there.

What to See

At the Botanical Garden you will see a lot of the wildlife in the country. It is especially known for its birds of paradise. Just as interesting is the golf club in the city. You can play golf there and it even has a restaurant.

If you are looking for some souvenirs, try the Ela Beach Craft Market. At the last Saturday of every month, handicrafts, carvings and other items are sold. The Touaguba Hill is usually part of a Port Moresby tour owing to the view it offers.


The Motuan people were among the earliest inhabitants of the land. Evidence shows that they were engaged in trade with other people. There is also evidence they married into other people living in the Gulf. Even before the English Captain John Moresby of HMS Basilisk arrived on the island, trade was already flourishing in the place.

On February 20 1873, he landed on the island and named it after his father. But it was not until ten years later when the British Empire took control of the southeast portion of the land.

During World War II, there were Papuan individuals who worked for the Allies, but some acted as suppliers for the Japanese. When the invasion of the Japanese became imminent, the people retreated to their villages.


Travel tour packages will cost around 500 USD or more. The figure can go up or down depending on the season and the amenities. It is best to compare the costs in different websites and travel tour operators.

Other Info

Visitors to the city should not miss the Moitaka Wildlife Sanctuary where crocodiles, birds and other animals can be found. The Hiri Moale Festival is also worth checking out. This takes place in the middle of September during the country’s independence day. The main feature of the event is the canoe race.

A Port Moresby tour may also include scuba diving. There are several reefs and dive sites near the area. The depths vary so no matter what your experience is, you will be able to enjoy it.