Port Sudan – Sudan

Port Sudan is one of Sudan’s most important cities. Located at the Red Sea, it is considered the main port city of the country.

Location and How to Get There

Port Sudan is the capital city of the Red Sea State. It is easily accessible from Khartoum since a tarred road via Atbara was opened recently, in 2008. A road trip will take you not only to Port Sudan but also through many picturesque views that include pyramids and greenery.

What to See There

The main attraction of Port Sudan is definitely its beaches. Snorkeling and scuba diving are popular activities in this side of the country. Port Sudan boasts of an untouched underwater beauty. A trip inside the Red Sea will introduce you to a wonderful water world where live sharks can be seen.

Many visiting tourists who are in for a religious journey take a pilgrim from Hajj to Mecca. They use the Port Sudan as a departure point to cross the Red Sea to Jeddah. The ferry connection from Port Sudan to Jeddah is useful in this case.


Port Sudan was founded in 1919 by the British government. It was established to serve as a terminal linking the Nile River and the Red Sea. Port Sudan was built to replace Sawakin as the main port city of the country.

Aside from its port, Port Sudan also has a railroad that connects the city to other towns. Its transport options offered an opportunity for the products from agricultural areas to reach the markets.


A great beach escapade at Port Sudan does not cost. For an average of $250 per night, you can enjoy a home close to the ocean, with the most scenic views and the most relaxing feel. The Sudan Red Sea Resort is one of the more popular budget accommodations you can find in the area. It is located on a rocky coast, about 30 kilometers north of Port Sudan. In the rustic hut, the price is only about $38 a night. For a full board of bed and breakfast facility, you will be charged $98 a night. What’s more, the Sudan Red Sea Resort can arrange for your diving adventure for a minimal fee as well.

Prices at restaurants and other food joints are also not too high. You can have a meal at The Hilton, for example, for very minimum costs. It is one of the must-eat places in Port Sudan as it offers international cuisine and an ambiance reminiscent of an American diner.