Postojna Cave – Slovenia

The Postojna Cave of Slovenia is one of the longest caves in Europe. Since its discovery centuries ago, it has become one of Slovenia’s major tourist destinations.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The cave is located near Postojna. From Ljubljana, Postojna is the route south. There are train services that will bring you a couple of kilometers from the tour starting point.

What to See There

The cave is 20,570 m long. It has an elevation of 680 above sea level and is 115 m deep. Those who visit the cave will see an aquarium filled with endemic olms. The olms are the biggest trogloditic amphibians on the planet.

The caves are also famous for the Concert Hall. This area is noted for its high quality acoustics. This part of the Postojna Cave of Slovenia has enough space for 10,000 individuals.


The caves are about 4 million old. In spite of the environment, it is the dwelling place of the Proteus anguineus, a type of salamander. Some markings on the cave suggest it was first visited in the 13th century. But this aspect is still being disputed.

The earliest known description is from the 17th century courtesy of Johann Weichard Valvasor. In 1818, a hitherto unknown area was discovered by Luka Cec. He uncovered the part as preparations were being made for a visit by the Austrian Emperor Francis I.

The cave would be opened to the public in 1819. Cec would become its first tourist guide. In 1884, electric lighting was installed. The year 1872 saw the installation of rails and the cave train. The first cave trains had to be pushed, but gas trains were implemented during the 20th century.


The admission fee is 2 Euros for adults. The charge is 1 Euro for children. The fee for groups will vary depending on the size.

Other Info

Many of the visitors to the caves do so to enjoy the sights. However, it is also a staging ground for concerts and musical shows. Solo performances take place there. There are also orchestras, octets and symphonies held in the place.

Trips to the Postojna Cave of Slovenia can be organized by way of tour providers. You should check the different sites online to get an idea of the price. A trip to the caves isn’t that expensive. The additional costs from the tour provider are due to accommodations and amenities.