Prague Environs Central Bohemia – Czech Republic

The Prague Environs Central Bohemia is an interesting tourist spot in the Czech Republic. There are many tourist attractions in the area, ranging from natural wonders to watersports activities like sailing.


The area spans the northern part of Prague up to the Vltava and Sazava Rivers.

What to See

There are many hiking trails you can visit. There is also the Blanik Nature Reserve, filled with rural buildings, ponds, fields and woods. It is the place to go if you want to see a typical Czech land. The Brdatka Nature Reserve has many oak woods, maples and hornbeams.

One of the most interesting tourist spots in Prague Environs Central Bohemia is the Cesky Kras. The landscape is filled with steep karst canyons. At the lower areas are some awe inspiring gorges. There are also several caves you can explore.

Other tourist attractions in the area are the Gothic Breznice Chateau. It houses the oldest library of Bohemia. The Budec hillfort covers 24 hecatares and is one of the biggest Przemyslid fortifications.


Most archaeologists believe that the Slavic tribes came to the region in the 5th century. They occupied Silesia, Bohemia and Moravia. Eventually the kingdom of Bohemia would arise. Charles IV would name Prague the capital and scholarship center.

In 1526, Ferdinand I of the Hapsburg line came to the throne. In 1618, the Czechs rebelled, leading to the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648). They were beaten and became part of the Austrian Empire for the next three centuries.

The Austrian-Hungarian Empire collapsed at the end of World War I. The Czech lands and Slovakia were united as Czechoslovakia in November 14, 1918. In 1991, Czechoslovakia was dissolved. Slovakia and the Czech Republic became independent nations.


A budget tour of the country costs at least 50 USD per person per day. A first class tour will cost between 80 to 350 USD. The luxury tours usually have a minimum price of 200 USD and goes up to over 650+ USD.

Other Info

The Cesky Raj landscape is noted for its beautiful plants, diverse animals and unique rock cities. There are also volcanic chimneys, overhanging rocks and large caverns. You can also check out the Drabske svetnicky fortress and the Albertovy skaly National Nature Reserve.

The Prague Environs Central Bohemia is also known for the Dzban (Jug) Nature Park, with its table knolls and plateaux. The Chateau Ratmerice park boasts of giant sequoias, the largest in the country.