Predjama Castle in Postojna – Slovenia

Postojna is within the Coast and Karst Region of the country of Slovenia whose main attractions are a Karst cave and a sixteenth century castle.

The Predjama Castle in Postojna – Slovenia attracts tourists from all over the world annually and is considered as a “must-see” when visiting Postojna.


Predjama Castle in Postojna – Slovenia lies about nine kilometers from the northern section of Postojna.

Getting There

Flying in to Slovenia, your best option is the international airport located in Ljubljana. From here, you can take a car hire service, bus or train to reach Postojna.

If you are driving, simply follow the A1 Highway until you reach Postojna. When you get to Postojna, there are sign posts that you can follow to reach Predjama Castle in Postojna – Slovenia.

If you will be arriving by bus or train, you can get a ride with the free shuttle services available at the train station in Postojna. These ply the route going to the castle.

What to See and Do

A visit to Predjama Castle in Postojna – Slovenia will take you through various rooms where traditional furnishings, various historical artifacts and a wide variety of artwork are on display.

Guests find the living quarters and the dungeon as highly interesting sections of the castle – these, plus the chapel.

The castle sits in the middle of a cliff which makes it look even more grand. There is a passageway that you can follow which will take you to an observation deck where you can see a spectacular view of the castle’s natural surroundings.

Brief History

Predjama Castle in Postojna – Slovenia is surrounded by an interesting legend.

It is said that the owner of the castle, Knight Erazem Lueger, who had control of the castle during the fifteenth century; used it as a hideout to ward-off an attack by Frederick III, a Holy Roman Emperor.

Bad blood was created between him and the Habsburg establishment when he apparently killed Marshall Pappencheim – a commander of the Imperial Army.

Erazem avoided capture by the Governor of Trieste and his men for about a year by using a secret tunnel that gave him passage to a nearby village where he would get his supplies.

A servant betrayed Erazem which finally led to his death. Apparently, he was using the toilet when the servant gave the signal and a cannonball was launched in his direction.

Thus, legend goes that Erazem was killed “with his pants down.”


The cost to visit Predjama Castle in Postojna – Slovenia is €8 for adults and €5 for kids.

Other Information

Predjama Castle in Postojna – Slovenia is open everyday, from ten in the morning up to four in the afternoon. Kids’ fees are applicable to children aged 6 years up to 15 years old only.