Presidential Palace in Nicosia – Cyprus

The Presidential Palace in Nicosia is the workplace and residence of the President of Cyprus. In terms of design and style, it is one of the most outstanding in the country.


Because the building is located in the capital, it is virtually impossible to miss. Majority of taxis and buses can drop you off to the city.

What to See

The most striking features of the palace are the four gargoyles. The gargoyles have the heads of human beings. These illustrate the British General Foreman, a laborer and the head carpenter. The identity of the laborer is unknown.

The whole structure is surrounded by pine woodland. The rectangular shape of the structure provides a quiet sense of elegance. The white and light brown colors contrast nicely with the greens and blue sky.


The Presidential Palace in Nicosia was constructed in the 1930s. It was built to replace an old wood edifice that was destroyed in a Greek Cypriot protest. This palace however, was also wrecked in a July 1974 coup. It has since been restored.

The original building was established in 1878. During ancient times, the site was called Snake Hill. There are some stories that say Richard the Lionheart also had a camp in the area. As stated, the demonstrations in the 1930s destroyed the structure.

The current building was designed by Mr. Maurice Webb. The construction was done by J V Hamilton & L F Weldon. Majority of the structure is built from Yerolakkos sandstone. The staircases were built using Limassol sandstone.

The edifice was completed in 1937. The total cost was 70,000 Pounds. It was originally called the Government House. In 1960, the complex was assigned its present name.


Make sure the taxis use their meter. Just like in other countries, the driver may try to negotiate the fare with you instead. The choice is up to you. Strictly speaking however, the cost must be based on the meter. Meals are also cheap. The local food should cost no more than 12 Euros. The sandwiches are even cheaper.

Other Info

From the palace, you can easily visit other tourist attractions. You can check out the Cyprus Museum, Byzantine Museum and Leventis Municipal Museum. Also worth a look are the Municipal Arts Centre, K. Cineplex and the Friends of Cinema Society.

The Presidential Palace in Nicosia is still one of the most picturesque attractions in Cyprus. The country has several attractions, but you should not pass this one up.