Prizren – Kosovo

The tourist attractions at Prizren have become some of the most frequently visited sites in Kosovo. This ancient city is home to some of the most impressive historical landmarks in Europe.


The city is situated at the south of Kosovo. It is by the Sar Mountain slopes. It shares borders with Macedonia and Albania. The easiest way to get there is by taking the bus from Prsitina.

What to See

The Turkish baths is a complex in the middle of the city. It has several low rock domes and utilized in some art shows. There is also the ruins of the Serbian Quarter. The Orthodox Cathedral and the wall remains can be seen here.

Sometimes a monk is present and can tell you facts about the church. Other tourist attractions at Prizren are the mosques. The biggest is the Mosque of Sinan Pasha.

The southwest border to Albania boasts of a beautiful landscape as well. 60 minutes from the city is Dragash, the mountain town. Another well known landmark in the city is Bajrakli Mosque, built during the 14th century.


During the 5th century, the Roman town of Theranda was mentioned as being rebuilt under the name of Petrizen. The town of Theranda was already in existence in the 2nd century. The town may also be linked to Justiniana Prima. The present name of the town is derived from a Serbian word meaning fortress.

During the mid 800s, the town and the area around it were annexed by the Bulgarian Empire. In 1018, the First Bulgarian Empire collapsed. The Byzantines would take over the town and establish the Theme of Bulgaria.


The bus fare from Pristina to the city is 4 Euros. A guided tour of the city (via a tour operator) will cost a hundred dollars or so per person. If you want to see the other Balkan countries and territories like Serbia, Montenegro, Herzegovina etc, the cost can be as high as 5,000 USD or more.

Other Info

Those visiting the city will also get to see an old castle. This dates from the Roman period and provides an excellent vista of the town. During the summer, the town square (called the Shadervan) is full of people. There are plenty of ice cream parlors, restaurants and cafes here.

Another one of the tourist attractions at Prizren is the Zupa valley and old Yugoslav ski resort of Brezovica at the east. You can go skiing here during the winter.