Puerto Viejo Beach – Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo is a town on the coasts of the Canton of Talamanca within the province of Límon. Puerto Viejo Beach – Costa Rica is renowned for its huge waves that surfers from all over the world visit every year.


Puerto Viejo Beach – Costa Rica is located thirty-four miles off the southeastern parts of Límon Province.

Getting There

Getting to Puerto Viejo Beach – Costa Rica is relatively easy as there are several buses that go directly to Puerto Viejo from various parts of Límon. While the buses have no air conditioning system, these are quite comfortable.

There are however air-conditioned minibuses that also go directly to Puerto Viejo and these have pick-up services for most hotels in Límon. If you wish to take this mode of transport, make sure that your hotel is included in their pick-up service.

Another convenient way is to ask your hotel is they have a car hire service that can take you to Puerto Viejo Beach – Costa Rica and back.

What to See

Puerto Viejo Beach – Costa Rica is a surfer’s paradise. Famous for its powerful waves which the locals refer to as “Salsa Brava,” this coastal town is lined with many other different beaches, with accommodations for travelers to stay in.

Beaches that you can visit in town are Punta Uva, Playa Chiquita and Playa Negra.

Close to Puerto Viejo is the Jaguar Rescue Center where visitors can view some of the rescued animals during specific times of the day. Guests can also get close and mingle with some of these animals such as howler monkeys.

Brief History

Puerto Viejo is a charming town that has a unique blend of Latino and Afro-Caribbean cultures. When you walk around town, visiting its many wonderful beaches; you will hear reggae music playing, adding to the Caribbean ambience of Puerto Viejo Beach – Costa Rica coastal town.

Residents of Puerto Viejo are mostly locals which are commonly referred to as Ticos and Ticas, Jamaicans and a good number of emigrants from different parts of Europe.


Accommodations in Puerto Viejo Beach – Costa Rica cost anywhere from $74 up to $144 for single occupancy and $79 up to $149 for double occupancy. The rates may vary depending on which resort in Puerto Viejo you will be staying in and also whether or not you will be staying during peak or off-peak season.

Other Information

Waves in Puerto Viejo Beach – Costa Rica are pretty strong hence recreational swimming in the waters is not recommended especially for kids. The beaches are ideal for surfers only and those who wish to go snorkeling or diving.