Pura Jagat Natha in Bali – Indonesia

Pura Jagat Natha in Bali – Indonesia is a Hindu temple in the country built in honor of the Supreme Being Sanghyang Widi Wasa.


The temple is located in Denpasar, capital city of Bali. It is within the southern section of the island. It is situated northeast of Puputan Square.

Getting There

From major parts of South Bali including the airport here, you can reach Denpasar via a car hire or taxi service. There are likewise bus services from within South Bali that have routes going to the capital city of the island.

Once in Denpasar, you can easily reach Pura Jagat Natha in Bali – Indonesia via a taxi service. While there are bemo services that also travel around Denpasar, these may not be the most comfortable means of transport around the city.

Bemo looks somewhat like a rather small pick-up truck where the back is covered with a kind of canopy to provide protection from the sun.

What to See

From a close distance, one can already feel the majestic aura of the Pura Jagat Natha in Bali – Indonesia. The shrine is “supported” by a turtle and two snakes and the sight is truly something to behold.

Upon entering the temple, you can see various objects usually having to do with Hindu rituals of worship. There are traditional musical instruments in one part of the temple and in another; one can see various offerings by the Balinese as a sign of respect for the Supreme Being enshrined here.

The offerings by the altar are usually flowers of various colors and some even include money in their offerings.

To protect the shrine, there is a tower overlooking the temple enclosed by a lotus pond. Two important festivals are held here each year during the full moon and dark moon.

Brief History

Pura Jagat Natha in Bali – Indonesia was said to have been constructed as a state temple in the year 1953.

As the number of faithful worshippers increased, the temple was officially constructed in the year 1963 in honor of the Supreme Being Sanghyang Widi Wasa who is believed to be the incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu.

The name of the temple is translated as “Earth King” with Jakat meaning “earth” and Natha meaning “king.” The Supreme Being Sanghyang Widi Wasa is believed to be the “King of the Earth” in the traditional Balinese practice of Hinduism.


There is no entry fee to visit Pura Jagat Natha in Bali – Indonesia. Taxis from the airport going to Denpasar cost about 70,000 up to 100,000 Indonesian Rupiah. Buses on the other hand, cost about 120,000 Rupiah.

Bemo services around the city are roughly about 7,000 Rupiah.

There are several hotels situated around the city. Room rates can range from 60,000 Rupiah per person, per night up to 800,000 Rupiah.

Other Information

When visiting Pura Jagat Natha in Bali – Indonesia, you may be asked by locals posing as gate keepers to pay an entry fee. Remember that there is no admission fee to visit the temple. To be sure however, you may check with the Tourist Office for changes in entry regulations.