Pura Kehen in Bangli – Indonesia

Pura Kehen in Bangli is one of the most magnificent temples in Indonesia. It is so important that numerous religious rituals take place in the area regularly.


The temple can be found less than a kilometer north from Bangli. It is set on a hill that has a view of the entire city. The city is in the province of Bali. It is 78 km from the Nusa Dua tourist resort. From Denpasar it is 45 km away.

What to See

Pura Kehen in Bangli is set on sloping land. Terraces divide the place. The initial five make up the outer courtyard. The center courtyard are composed of the sixth and seventh terraces.

The shrines of the gods are in the remaining terraces. There are 43 shrines in the pavilions. The largest religious ceremony that takes place there is known as the Rebo Kliwon Shinta.

To get to the entrance, the visitor must climb the 38 steps up. There are statues of wayang-figures on both sides of the stairway. These figures are taken from Ramayana stories.

A tree is the dominating presence in the courtyard. Heading past another courtyard, you will venture into the jeroan. This is the most sacred courtyard in the site.


The structure is regarded as the temple of the state. It is frequently described as the smaller version of Pura Besakih. The temple was built in the 11th century. Since its construction, it has been hailed as one of the best in the country.

Its reputation as a holy place has been helped by its location among many palm trees. For the longest time, it has been customary for women to bring offerings of fruits to the temple. Different religious dances take place here as well.


The entrance fee is 3000 Rp.

Other Info

Prior to entering the temple, your legs have to be covered. A temple scarf must be placed around the waist. A sarong is available for rent for those wearing shorts. The sarong is at the booth around the front of the complex.

The journey to the temple is fascinating in itself. Along the way you will come across the Panglipuran traditional village. You will also pass by the village of Susut. It is noted for its bamboo baskets.

In spite of the passage of time, the Pura Kehen in Bangli has been well preserved. Of the many religious edifices in Indonesia, this remains one of the most enduringly popular.