Pura Sada in Bali – Indonesia

The temple of Pura Sada in Bali is a well known religious building in Indonesia. There are several religious complexes in the country, but this is one of those that truly stand out.


The temple is in the Kapal area just to the north of Denpasar. The address is Kapal Main Road, Denpasar, Indonesia. When you pass by the Kapal village, there will be signs pointing you to the temple.

What to See

The red brick temple is noted for its intricate design. In some ways it is akin to the other temples in the region, but there are some differences. The most distinguishing features are the 54 stone seats. These are found in the courtyard interior.

These are symbolic of the aids of a Majapahit king who carried the ashes of the king out to the seas. The inner courtyard is surrounded by glistening grass and shrines. The Candi Bentar is representative of the tower of cremation.


The Pura Sada in Bali was built back in the 18th century. The temple was created in honor of the Hindu Trinity of Gods: Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. A powerful earthquake destroyed the complex in 1917. However, it was not until the 1950s that the structure was fully rebuilt.

The Candi was built in a manner akin to that of Javanese Candi. The tower is nearly 53 feet high. The Candi Bentar and the kala head are among the few that date back to the ancient times. Some stone sculptures have also been dated back to the older era.


There is no admission fee for entering the temple.

Taxis with meters are very common in Denpasar and the southern areas of the island. The flagfall rate is Rp 5,000. This is for the first 2 km. There is an additional Rp 5,000 for every additional kilometer. The charge for waiting time is Rp 20,000 hourly.

Other Info

Today, individuals from different parts of Mengwi come to the temple to worship every Kuningan Day. You can visit the temple anytime. But the most ideal would be during festivals like Galungan, Kuningan and Odalan. This way you can see and experience the full beauty of the surroundings.

The temple of Pura Sada in Bali requires anyone entering the place to be in a sash and sarong. You can buy these or rent one. They are usually available near the temple. This custom is followed in all temples in the area.