Puri Gianyar – Indonesia

Puri Gianyar – Indonesia is actually known to be the capital of a kingdom during the 17th and 18th century. At present, it is the chief town of the district of Gianyar.

Location and How to Get There

You will see beautiful place, Puri Gianyar – Indonesia, around 16 miles, in the northeastern part of Denpasar. Once you arrive at the place, you will be pleased to be welcomed by a cultivated and beautiful region where rice-growing is the main form of agricultural contribution of the locals there.

Getting to Puri Gianyar – Indonesia is not so difficult. There are many interesting features there like the Elephant Cave and the Puri Saron Hotel who welcomes visitors 24 hours, 7 days a week.

To get there, there are two easy ways to choose from: One is to travel by road from the northeastern side of Denpasar to Sakah. Once you arrive there, go straight to Blahbatuh at the right side and Gianyar. Another way is to go there by bus at a station located at Denpasar-Kereneng, which operates at different time schedules everyday.

What to See There

A lot of guest houses, lodges, and hotels can be found in this place. Among these is the Puri Saron Hotel, which is referred to by one of its guests who had the pleasure of staying there as the Garden of Eden. Aside from that, you may also find a handful of spas for a relaxing experience. There are also nearby restaurants for those who need to take a satisfying meal before roaming the land, and learning more about its features.

This place is also known to be richly endowed with ancient temples, mountains, and a lovely coastline. Handcrafted materials made by locals are also great finds here.


As the powerful hold of the kingdom of Klungkung had slowly decreased during the 15th and 17th century, the Rajas of the country took hold of this dwindling power, and had, therefore, increased in its authority in the place.

During the time of the Dutch occupation, an understanding and accommodation was reached with invaders of the land. Because of this, Gianyar was then spared from intervention of certain authorities. And, thus, the ruling family, was able to gain a continuous widespread of influence during that period.

Many may wonder where the former handsome splendor of the place had gone. In place of its handsome traditional allure of the past, a more modern atmosphere now reigns.


Some hotels are priced at around £24 – £39, others may be more. It would be best to bring extra funds with you since prices for such accommodations and other leisurely activities may vary.

Other Info

It wouldn’t be that difficult to settle here in Puri Gianyar – Indonesia since most the other tourists can attest to the warm acceptance that one can garner among the locals there.