Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kampala – Uganda

Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kampala – Uganda is a nature reserve in Western Uganda surrounded by tropical forests, meadows and volcanic craters.

Here, you can see some of Africa’s most fascinating wildlife in their natural habitats.


Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kampala – Uganda is located west of Uganda approximately four hundred kilometers off the capital city of Kampala. It is flanked by Edward Lake and Lake George.

Getting There

The easiest way to reach Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kampala – Uganda via public transportation is to take a bus from Kampala. The bus routes pass Kassese which goes through the park.

Another option is to take a bus tour going to the national park as there are several tour operators that include the national park in their itinerary. However, this can be quite expensive.

What to See and Do

When visiting Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kampala – Uganda, you will see the most amazing wild animals roaming about the park. These include jackals, warthogs, elephants, rhinos, lions, hyenas, leopards, bushbucks, crocodiles and water bucks.

Uganda kob, buffalos, chimpanzees, other antelopes and baboons can also be seen roaming about in the park.

Going on a safari ride is the best way to explore the grounds of the park as this is so much safer and there are guides that will not only take you to all the right spots where you are most likely to see the animals but will also serve as your protector.

You shouldn’t miss out on taking a boat ride down the Kasinge Channel as this is where you will see the largest collection of hippos in the park.

Bird watching is also ideal here are there are hundreds of various bird species living in the park.

Brief History

Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kampala – Uganda was established in the year 1954 and was formerly known as Rwenzori Park, perhaps owing to the fact that the Rwenzori Mountains can be seen from the eastern section of the park.

The park has a total land area of approximately two thousand square kilometers or roughly about seven hundred and seventy-four square miles. The Kasinge Channels connects the two lakes, Lake Edward and Lake George that surround the park.

For quite some time, the park’s wild animals experienced a dwindling in numbers because of heavy poaching but after strict conservation methods were undertaken; the situation was finally controlled.

The park now boasts of having the most number of hippos in these parts of Africa.


The cost to enter the premises of Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kampala – Uganda varies. For non-residents, adults are charged USD 30 for one day while children between five to fifteen years old are charged USD 15.

Foreign students who can present a valid Identification Card are eligible for a twenty-five percent discount on entry fees.

Vehicle entry fees are USD 30 for motorcycles and USD 50 for saloon cars, minibuses, pick-up trucks and 4WD.

Campsites in the wilderness are about USD 210 for seven people, and an additional USD 20 is charged per person for groups exceeding seven persons.

For tour guides and drivers, there is a charge of USD 20 for every vehicle for day drives and USD 15 per vehicle for night drives.

Other Information

The best time to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kampala – Uganda is between the months of October and November; and again between the months of March and April.

During these months, you can see a higher number of animals roaming the park’s premises.