Qumran in Kalia – Israel


Qumran in Kalia – Israel is situated to the north of the Dead Sea. The ruins found in this area are the location of an actual archeological site where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Although you won’t find the actual scrolls here since they have since been moved to a safer location for study, the ruins and the dig site itself has proven to be quite a tourist attraction.

The ruins and former excavation site operate under the guidance and patronage of the Qumran National Park. Driving to the said site will require you to go west of Road 90. This also means that you need to travel on the road along the Dead Sea. There is a turn that will lead you to Kibbutz Kalia, which is actually located around seven kilometers from the junction of Beit Haarava. The park itself is about a 40 minute drive away from Jerusalem situated in the West Bank.

What to See

As stated earlier, the scrolls that were found in the cave complex in the Qumran National Park have now been moved to the Jerusalem Israel Museum. Those interested in seeing the actual scrolls themselves may visit the said museum. However, the park and cave complex are also open to the public.

Many of the things you can find here include many relics from various time periods. Like the many historical sites in the area, Qumran in Kalia – Israel is a rock solid monument to the lives that people lived in the past. The most important remains that can be seen here include finds that date back to the second temple period. Another important set of artifacts hails from the time of the Bar-Kachva rebellion.

Other than taking the tour in and around the national park, visitors will also be treated to an audio-visual presentation. This presentation relates the history behind the dig site and the people who used to take abode there. Other than the tours and presentations, visitors may also visit the Qumran canyon, which basically gives you a nice panoramic view of the surrounding countryside.

History of Qumran in Kalia – Israel

The site where all of the relics lie was established in the 8th century BCE. The settlement continued on even after the destruction of Jewish Temple in the year 586 BCE. The site was abandoned but was eventually resettled by the 2nd century BCE. Its present name was given at the time of the Arab period.


Adults who take the tour are required to pay an entry fee of NIS 21 while children are required to pay NIS 9. Take note that senior citizens get a 50% discount. They also give discounts to group tours provided that there are at least 30 people in a group.

Other Information

The tour in Qumran in Kalia – Israel usually lasts from one to two hours. They usually open at 8 am and close either at 4 pm or 5 pm. They usually close at 5 pm from April to September.