Quran Gateway in Shiraz – Iran

If there is one tourist destination that you should not miss if you want to experience Iran’s historical past, that would have to be the Quran Gateway in Shiraz.

Location and How to Get There

Shiraz is one of the most populous cities of Iran. It is the capital city of Fars province that is located in the southwestern part of Iran. It is quite popular for being trade central of the region and also for being the location of the Quran Gateway.

Quran Gateway is situated in between two mountains – Chehel Maqam and Baba Kuhi. It is a short distance from the deep, narrow passageway of Allah-o-Akbar. Hiring a taxi is your best and easiest way to get there as well as to other significant Shiraz tourist sites.

What to See There

Quran Gateway is quite a handsome attraction with its three arches. It was in the main arch where the Quran or Islam’s holy book was laid. It was put inside a small chamber on top of the biggest arch. That is to symbolize a blessing of good omen to travelers passing underneath.

Quran Gateway is an important visit mainly due to its historical and cultural significance. Anyone taking on an Iran exploration must pass the gateway to be able to claim that they have experienced the best of the country.


The Quran Gateway is believed to have been established as early as the 9th Century. According to history, it was Karim Khan Zand who built the room over the main arch where the Quran was kept. It was intended to protect the travelers passing underway the arch to be blessed with Islamic protection through the holy book.

About 70 years or more ago, in late 1930s, new roads were built and the gateway was torn down but it was built again about five years later.


There is no cost required to be able to explore Quran Gateway. You can just ask your taxi to make a stopover the archway so you can have a good look and probably a photograph of it.

Other Info

Quran Gateway, the most alluring passageway to Shiraz, is also the resting place for Imam Musa Kazem’s grandson Mir Ali as well as for famous poet Khaju-ye Kermani.

A lot of people also didn’t know that although it is a gorgeous sight by day, Quran Gateway is even more stunning at night as it glitters through its surroundings. You may also check out a nearby teahouse where you can have a scenic, overlooking view not just of the historical monument but also of the whole city.