Rancagua in Cachapoal Province – Chile

Rancagua is the capital city of the Cachapoal Province in central Chile. It is an interesting city to visit, which offers lots of interesting tourist activities.

Location and How to Get There

Rancagua is only 85 kilometers away from Santiago de Chile. It is accessible from Santiago by train, by car, and by bus. No matter which transport option you choose, you can be sure that you will get to your destination safe and sound. Infrastructure is quite efficient in Chile, which makes it possible for tourism to really flourish.

What to See There

Rancagua is famous for many things including its wood industry, its food production, and its agriculture. On top of that, it is also the center of legal and administration in the Cachapoal Province.

You can go and see the Paseo Independencia, a pedestrian avenue where you can stroll around, eat, and shop for exciting goods. You can also take a trip to Plaze de los Heroes, a newly renovated plaza where you can have a relaxing stay any time of the day.

You can also have a warm and rejuvenating thermal bath at Las Termas de Cauquenes in the eastern side of Rancagua. You may also embark on an easy hike there.

The mining town of Sewell has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and makes for some nice exploration although it is now defunct. It is the largest underground copper mining site in the world.


Rancagua was originally named Villa Santa Cruz de Triana, founded by Jose Antonio Manso de Velasco. Its most notable part in history was in 1814’s Disaster of Rancagua.


Traveling to Rancagua is not really expensive compared to the amount of fun and memorable experience that you can take from there. The trip to and from Santiago by train costs less than $6. Traveling by private car rental is more expensive because there are two road tolls you will have to pay for a total of $9.50 back and forth. Traveling by bus is much cheaper at less than $4 back and forth.

Aside from your transport fees, you also have to allot some budget for your accommodation, your meals, and your entrance fees to your chosen tourist sites. Don’t worry because entrance fees are expected to be minimal and definitely worth it because of the activities you can enjoy there and the quality of experience you will obtain.

Other Info

The O’Higgins Football Club considers Rancagua home. If you are into the sport, you can check out a match or two.