Ratanakiri – Cambodia

Ratanakiri is a scenic province in Cambodia that is definitely worth a trip to. It is ideal for those who seek a restful respite through the warm embrace of nature. It is a natural haven that will never disappoint you in terms of activities and sights to see.

Location and How to Get There

Ratanakiri is accessible either by air, by sea, or by land. Although other transport options are also available, a lot of people choose to travel by land because it is the most convenient. Getting around the province is usually by the use of popular transport options such as cars, elephants, motorbikes, and boats. Some with the most adventurous heart, however, choose to get around by trekking, which is pretty exciting.

What to See There

Ratanakiri is blessed with unique environmental resources. It has mountains and hills, crater lakes, a level plateau, waterfalls, watershed lowlands, and rivers. Its forests are still abundant in different species of wildlife; its soil type is suitable for many eco-tourism opportunities.

There are also popular attractions that you must not dare to miss. One is the Yeak Loam Lake, which is located 5 kilometers south east of Ratanakiri’s capital Banlung. It is a lake that was formed after a volcanic eruption about 2,000 years ago. Another is the Kachang Waterfall, which is on the other end, about 6 kilometers north west of Banlung.


Ratanakiri became a province during the 1960s. It is quite far from the urbanized part of Cambodia as it is 638 kilometers north east of Phnom Penh. Ratanakiri is also thinly populated. Then again, it is rich in natural beauty so it is definitely one great province to go on an adventure to.


The amount of money you can spend in exploring Ratanakiri depends on the kind of activities you want to get into.

Other Info

Swimming, trekking, walking, shopping, and exploring are just some of the many activities you can enjoy at the province. There are many great sites, there are many interesting attractions that will not charge you for a big sum but will deliver huge fun.

A number of sites are intended for some cultural exploration so you get to know the lifestyle of some 94,000 plus locals. The major industry in the area is farming as well as tourism. It also has very interesting products of agriculture and very precious gemstones.

Shopping for local handicrafts is a favorite among visiting tourists. Not only are they low-priced, they also exude a unique craftsmanship that this side of Cambodia has to offer. Shopping for gemstones is also ideally done in Ratanakiri. As mentioned earlier, gemstones are one of the province’s major products on offer.