Riga Old Town – Latvia

Going on Riga Old Town tours is one of the most interesting activities you can do when in Latvia. There are many attractions in the country, but the old town is considered by many to be the centerpiece.


The old town can be found in the middle of the city by the east side of the river. From abroad you can fly in at Riga International Airport. If coming from the other Baltic states, there are bus connections that will take you to the city. When you get to the area, you can walk around or get a taxi.

What to See

The Triangula Bastion is an edifice with some ancient fortifications. At town square you will see the House of Blackheads. This is a museum with a wine cellar and giant ballrooms.

You can also check out the town hall and the Museum of Occupation. This has artifacts and information about the city during the Nazi occupation. You can also visit the St. Johns Church and St. Peters Church on Riga Old Town tours. The latter has an elevator from where you get a view of the whole city.


Following the establishment of the city in 1201, it would quickly turn into an Eastern Baltic trade hub. Archbishops ruled the city for several years, but this ended in 1522 with the Reformation. The city would become part of Sweden. Afterwards it would be included in the Russian Empire. It was named capital of the Latvian Socialist Soviet republic.

In World War II, the city was heavily bombed by the Nazis. Much of the city lay in ruins. The government eventually realized it could be used for tourism. Riga was rebuilt. It would remain the capital even after the demise of the USSR.


The cost of the tours depend on the duration and what sights you want to see. On the average, it will cost about 12 Euros per individual. This rate is good enough for a 2 to 3 hour tour.

Other Info

The Porcelain Museum examines the history of porcelain in the area. The Sun Museum focuses on Latvian mythology. You may also want to check out the Big Guild, home of the Latvian Philharmonic.

The Riga Old Town tours may also include a visit to the House of the Black Cat, the Wagner Museum and St. Saviours Anglican Church. The castle in the city is home to the National History Museum of Latvia and the Museum of Foreign Art.