Rock Carving Site – Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is rich with interesting sights to offer adventurous tourists. That’s why it has become one of the more popular destinations in the Middle East.

One of the many allures of Saudi Arabia, aside from its very prominent culture, are the rock carving sites, which can be found in different spots all over the country.

Location and How to Get There

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of rock carving sites, where the old art of rock carving can be explored. One of the more popular sites is the one in Jubbah. It significantly relates the prehistoric era and how the ancient people were able to live through the challenges of life during those times.

There is another Rock Carving Site located in Shuwaymus, where domestication of animals during the early times can be observed.

Jabal Um Sanaman is another site where you can find enriching rock carvings. In this site, you will discover evidences that link to agricultural communities.

To get to the Rock Carving Sites, you must hire a taxi or a car rental to take you to each and every place where the significant rock carvings can be found in proximity. If you know how to ride a bike, you may also want to hire a motorbike to roam around not just the Rock Carving Sites but other Saudi Arabia attractions as well.

What to See There

Basically, the Rock Carving Sites will tell you much about the old Saudi Arabia. The rock carvings are fascinating at the same time that they are intriguing. The wonderful art that are carved on stones speaks of so many things about the prehistoric era. It is definitely enriching not just to your eyes but to your mind as well. Seeing the rock carvings will deepen your knowledge about the country in general.


The Rock Carving Sites were discovered one by one. As they were discovered, the underlying stories beneath them were also developed.

For one, they are testaments that Saudi Arabia had not always been a desert. It underwent different climactic conditions from centuries before. The agricultural evidences show that it had once been a place where farm animals and products thrived.


There is no word about the costs that you will be charged with by exploring the Rock Carving Sites. Be ready, in any case, with an amount to pay for your transportation, as traveling through the different sites will cost a good sum. But it is definitely worth it as no trip to Saudi Arabia will ever be complete without having a glimpse of the delightful rock art.

Other Info

The Rock Carving Sites are integral to the country’s tourism industry.