Rock Islands – Palau

A tour of the Rock Islands is one of the most popular activities on Palau. The unique features of the islands, plus their unspoiled beauty, have turned it into of the country’s main attractions.


The Islands are situated between Peleliu and Koror. They are in the Southern Lagoon of Palau. The islands number 300. The only way to reach the islands is by plane. There are flights from Continental Micronesia.

What to See

The biggest attraction of the islands are its beaches. They are perfect for swimming and diving. The beautiful beaches are also perfect for those who just want to relax. The sunsets on the beaches are also lovely. When you embark on a tour of the Rock Islands, you will see that most of the islands are not inhabited. This only makes the place more attractive.

There are also several lagoons around the islands. For many, the distinct shapes of the islands form part of the attraction. The islands are also perfect locations to go diving or snorkeling. Aside from the purity of the waters, the undersea life is also something to behold. There are different kinds of fish and coral reefs to see.


The earliest Palauans are not known. But many researchers believe that they emanated from Asia or Polynesia. The Palauans have maintained a matrilineal society. Prior to the 18th century, the only foreign relations of the island consisted mainly of Java and Yap. The earliest Europeans to come across the island were shipwreck survivors.

In 1783, Englishman Captain Henry Wilson got shipwrecked at Ulong. He was the one who referred to the archipelago as “Pelew Islands”. By the 19th century, Germany, Britain and Spain were fighting for control of the islands. Pope Leo XIII settled the matter. He accepted the claim of Spain but concessions were provided for Germany and Britain.


Flights to the islands will cost around 600 USD. A 4 day / night tour will cost about 1200 USD. This will include the hotel accommodation, breakfast, transfers and dive sites.

Other Info

These Islands and the reefs around it constitute the tourist hotspots in Palau. These include the famous Jellyfish Lake, Ngermeaus Island and German Channel. The Blue Corner is also part of this group.

When you go on a tour of the Rock Islands, keep in mind that the lakes have some jellyfish. However, they do not sting. This makes the waters safe for swimming.