Rozafa Castle in Shrokder City – Albania

The Rozafa Castle in Shkoder is one of the most important historical sites in Albania. Apart from the castle, the city itself is of great historical importance.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The castle and the city are in the northwestern portion of Albania. It is in the District of Shkoder. You can get to the city by way of the buses between Tirana and Shkodra. You can also take the bus to and from Ulcinj in Montenegro. The taxis at the Muriquani border are another option.

What to See There

The Rozafa Castle in Shkoder is set on a hill. It overlooks the town at a height of 130 m. Encompassing it are the rivers of Drini and Buna. The castle’s walls have a battered look bespeaking its age, but it is still imposing. Standing in front of the fortress, you will see an equally splendid view of the blue skies and mountains.


The hill has been settled in since ancient times due to its strategic placement. Archeological records show that it belonged to the Illyrians up to 167 BC.

That was the year the Romans conquered the land. 19th century explorers believed the Shkoder city was situated to Rozafa hill’s southern portion. This is between the Buna and Drini confluence and the hill. The fortifications are held by experts to be Venetian.


Quality travel tours to Albania will cost at least 890 Euros. Besides the castle, these tours will also include stopovers to other tourist spots in Albania. If you plan on seeing the castle only, the fee is 200 Lek.

Bus fares are about 300 Lek. Regular buses cost 10 Euros. Taxi fares begin at 8 Euros.

Other Info

The castle is steeped in legend, testament to its antiquity. According to lore, the castle was named after the wife of one of the masons who built it. She was supposedly holed in one of the walls for some unknown reason.

For rest and relaxation, go to Pjaca/Kol Idromeno St. There are several cafes there. The city is also famous for its patisseries where sweets are sold. At the Fototeke Marubi, Muhamet Gollesha is the first picture ever taken in Albania. Another popular tourist attraction is Lake Shkodra, the biggest in the Balkans.

Visitors to Rozafa Castle in Shkoder have many lodging options. These include the Hotel Colosseo, Hotel Rozafa and the Grand Hotel Europa.