RRE Mariculture in Majuro – Marshall Islands

If you are at Majuro, the RRE Mariculture pearl farm is one of the sites that you may want to visit. Its unique features make it one of the most interesting spots on the Marshall Islands.


This pearl farm is in Majuro. It is the capital and biggest city in the Marshall Islands. The downtown area is set at the north of the airport.

What to See

The farm is known for its cultured pearls. Visitors to the farm will see that it is home to a clam farm. This is where large clams are bred. These are subsequently sold off to the aquarium market. You will also get to learn many facts about pearls and clams too.

The RRE Mariculture pearl farm is also near some beach cottages. Visitors to the site will get the chance to dive with sharks by the North East Passage. The Reibers Pass meanwhile, is known for its large sea fans.


Historical evidence will show that the Marshall islands were under the control of the German Empire in 1884. The control of the islands fell to the Japanese in the 1920s. By the 1930s, hundreds of Japanese had settled on the island.

By 1939, there were already bases on the islands as well as runways. Aside from these, other buildings were added. In 1942, the United States Navy attacked it.

The bombings would intensify. Aside from the warships, aircraft were used to pound the island. After Kwajalein fell, Majuro was eventually captured by the Americans. The end of World War Ii saw the Marshall Islands fall under United States control.

To this day however, wreckage and ruins from World War II can still be seen all around the islands. However, the islands are now becoming more known for the scuba diving spots and the scenery.


A plane ticket to the Marshall Islands will cost you several hundred dollars or a thousand. There are many websites that can provide you with plenty of opportunities to look for discounts.

Other Info

There are plenty of other attractions at Majuro. There is Laura Beach by the west end of the town. There is also Eneko Island. This picturesque island can be reached by boat. There are also some places where you can drink and eat. There are also some resorts nearby.

The RRE Mariculture pearl farm is usually not the first place people think of when they go to the Marshall Islands. But it is definitely worth a look.