Sacred City of Kandy – Sri Lanka

The Sacred City of Kandy – Sri Lanka is known as such because it is home to Buddhist temples, particularly the Temple of the Tooth Relic where the sacred tooth of the Buddha is preserved in a special casket.

This is considered as one of the holiest and most important pilgrimage site for Buddhists around the world.


The Sacred City of Kandy – Sri Lanka is located within the Central Province of the country. It lies between the hills of the Kandy plateau.

Getting There

Flying in to the Sacred City of Kandy – Sri Lanka is via the Bandaranaike International Airport located some 35 kilometers off the northern section of Colombo.

From the airport, you can take a taxi service directly to Kandy. The trip will take about three hours.

You can likewise take a train from Colombo going to Kandy but will have to make reservations at least one day ahead of your planned departure.

What to See

One of the most important sites that visitors shouldn’t miss out on when visiting the Sacred City of Kandy – Sri Lanka is the Temple of the Tooth Relic. The tooth itself is not exposed for public viewing but visitors can see the sacred casket which houses the relic.

The temple is within the palace complex where you can also visit the Royal Palace which is now home to the National Museum of Kandy. Within the museum are exhibits of historical artifacts from the Kingdom of Kandy as well as artifacts from the colonial reign of the British Empire.

There are many other sacred temples within and around the Sacred City of Kandy – Sri Lanka including the Lankatilaka Temple, the Bahirawakanda Temple, the Gadaladeniya Temple and the Handagala Temple.

Brief History

The Sacred City of Kandy – Sri Lanka was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. This sacred site is also known as Senkadagalapura City.

It is the last of the kingdoms of the Sinhala kings under whose sovereignty flourished the Dinahala culture.

It remained as the dominant culture of the city until it was occupied by British forces in the year 1815 on the 14th of February.

It was the last seat of the royal government and is now considered as one of the most sacred sites of Buddhism.


The cost to visit the Temple of the Tooth is roughly around one thousand Sri Lankan rupees. To visit the Bahirawakanda Temple where you can see the giant statue of Buddha, you will be required to pay around two hundred Sri Lankan rupees.

Budget accommodations range from 200 up to 1,000 Sri Lankan rupees while mid-range and luxurious accommodations are around 1,300 up to 1,700 Sri Lankan rupees.

Other Information

There are several festivals held in the city annually, the most important of which is the Esahala Perahera where the inner casket of the Buddha’s sacred tooth relic is paraded atop an elephant adorned in royal garments.