Sadu House – Kuwait

Sadu House presents an important tourist experience that cuts across historical and cultural boundaries. You will see and experience the best of Kuwait through it.

Location and How to Get There

Sadu House is located in Kuwait City, the country capital. It is very easy to get there as transportation infrastructure is quite modern, especially in this side of the country. You may take several options for road travel to get there.

Since Sadu House is within a short distance to Kuwait National Museum along Gulf Road, taking the trip is well worth it as you will be able to hit two important historical and cultural sanctuaries at a time.

What to See There

Sadu House is an artist’s haven. It is also a suitable place for those who appreciate artsy crafts. Traveling to this house of crafts that doubles up as a museum is truly an enriching experience.

There are lots of things that you will be able to discover by merely going around Sadu House. By making the visit, you will understand how Sadu weaving is being protected and appreciated.

Sadu House is composed of several chambers. Within each chamber, you will find a distinct collection of artistic items from the display down to the decorations. True enough, the Sau House makes for an important visit.


Sadu House was established in 1980. It was built to protect the welfare of the Bedouins, including their ingenious crafts. Originally, the house was a mud building that was destroyed by the Kuwait floods that plagued the city in 1936. it was later restored to house the hand woven creations of the Bedouin people.

About four years after the museum and handicraft house was established, the management was able to register about 300 Bedouins, all of which are women, who are committed to produce at least 70 hand woven crafts each week.


There is no word regarding entrance fees to Sadu House. If ever there is, it would definitely be a very minimal cost that is well worth every cent. You must also allot some budget in case you will like to buy some of the items for sale.

Other Info

Aside from displays of native handicrafts that are product of Sadu weaving, Sadu House also holds demonstration, lectures, and seminars to take its visitors closer to the tradition and culture of weaving in Sadu style. You may enter the museum everyday except Fridays. It is open in the morning as well as in the afternoon between 5 o’clock and 7 o’clock.