Sahara Desert – Libya

Trips to the Sahara Desert in Libya can be very exciting. Excluding Antarctica, it is the biggest desert in the world. The Libyan Desert is just one part. The other sections include Western Sahara, the Air Mountains and many more.

How to Get There

The transportation will be handled by your travel tour service. This will be either by a 4WD or a minibus. The journey usually starts at Tripoli (or wherever the pick up point is). From there, you will be taken to different sites related to the Libyan Desert.

What to See

This will depend on the travel itinerary. However, almost all trips will include a stopover (or start) at Tripoli. Among the sites you will be shown are the Sabratha amphitheaters. Other interesting places to visit are the old town of Germa and the museum.

From there, you can visit the Acacus Mountains. The desert scenery is among the finest in the area. There are also ancient rock art to be seen. Nearby are the oases and lakes of the Ubari Sand Sea. Another worthy site is the Ghadames caravan town. Trips to the Sahara Desert in Libya can include sojourns to the troglodyte dwellings.

The tour may also include cruising along Gariyat by way of Qurda. You will also probably get to visit Qasr El-Haj. A full length trip will also include stopping by Leptis Magna, an ancient Roman city.

Note: the sightseeing spots mentioned are confined to the Libyan area. It does not include the tour spots around Morocco and other North African countries.


Different tribes have inhabited this vast desert, and continue to do so. The Berber people are among its oldest inhabitants. The Tuareg tribes live in different areas around the desert.

Records show that in 6000 BC, pre-dynastic Egyptians settled in the desert too. These people focused on cattle herding. Their lives also focused on agriculture and caring for sheep.

The Sahara assumed its present form c. 3400 BC. Its inhospitable nature eventually drove people away. Only a few settlements remained.


The charges will depend on the length of the tour, places to visit and number of people with you. The starting price for group tours is around $2280. Group travel size varies, but the minimum is usually 8. The maximum is 18.

The cost of trips to the Sahara Desert in Libya can change anytime. The rates will be lower for individual tours. But again, this will hinge on the tour length. ?