Saint Isaac’s Cathedral in Saint Petersburg – Russia

One of the major attractions in the city of Saint Petersburg is Saint Isaac’s Cathedral in Saint Petersburg – Russia. The cathedral ranks in 3rd as the highest domed cathedral all over the world.


Saint Isaac’s Cathedral in Saint Petersburg – Russia is located at 1 Isaakievskaya Pl. It is within close distance to the Admiralty.

Getting There

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral in Saint Petersburg – Russia is easily reached via the Metro. You can take the Metro going to Nevsky Prsopekt – Gostiny Dvor.

You can also take local buses that ply the main routes to reach the cathedral. On the other hand, if you would like to travel more privately, there are also taxis available in the city.

What to See and Do

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral in Saint Petersburg – Russia is designed in the Neo-Classical style laid-out in a Greek cross pattern reminiscent of Russian-Byzantine traditional blueprints for cathedrals.

Its large central dome can be seen from any point in the city. It stands at 333 feet high and is covered in pure gold. Angels adorn the dome and is surrounded by four smaller domes one each side.

The façade has one hundred and twelve columns of red granite; the roof has twenty-four various statues of religious icons and the rotunda likewise has twenty-four statues.

Inside, you can see frescoes and mosaics adorning the walls.

In all, there are about three hundred and fifty sculptures adorning both the exteriors and interiors of the cathedral plus around two hundred bas-reliefs on the roof.

Going up to the colonnade, you can see beautiful views of the city and the River Neva.

Brief History

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral in Saint Petersburg – Russia is the biggest Russian Orthodox Church in the city. For a time, it was also the tallest of its kind in the until it was finally dominated by the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

The church was constructed under the supervision of French architect Auguste de Montferrand, from the year 1818 up to 1858; taking forty years to complete.

It was built in honor of St. Isaac of Dalmatia who is Peter the Great’s Patron Saint; himself having been born on the same day as the feast of the saint.

Under the former Soviet government, the cathedral was turned into the “Museum of Scientific Atheism.”

When communism fell, the cathedral was restored back into its former use, that of a place of worship.


Entry fee to Saint Isaac’s Cathedral in Saint Petersburg – Russia is 320 rubles per person. To go up to the viewing platform, you need to pay an additional 100 rubles per person.

Other Information

If you wish to go up the colonnade, you will have to go up a staircase of about three hundred steps so this is not for the faint of heart.