Saint Joan de Caselles in Valira d’Orient Valley – Andorra

The Sant Joan de Caselles Church is one of the finest landmarks in Andorra. It is regarded as an outstanding example of ancient architecture in Europe.


The church is located in the village of Canillo, one of the parishes in the country. Canillo is also the name of the town where the church is located.

What to See

The church boasts of the highest tower in the country. Inside the church there are numerous statues and frescoes. The stunning choir grille is another one of its main attractions. The chapel design is Romanesque in nature.

The three-storied bell tower is fitted with Lombard windows. These are on the sides of the two higher levels. It should be noted that the tower was constructed independently from the church. A body of stone was used to combine the two together.

The structure is made up of one nave with apse semi circular in shape. The bell tower is ochre while the roof slates are blue-grey. This adds to the appeal of the whole structure. Aside from the church, the lush scenery makes it even more attractive.


The Sant Joan de Caselles Church was constructed from the 11th to the 14th centuries. During the course of its building, numerous frescoes were installed.

The Romanesque stucco figure of Christ on the Cross was also installed at the site. The painting is enveloped by polychrome painting. The choir grille was also added very early in its history.


When coming from the French side, make sure you have a debit or credit card. The fee is 5.60 Euros or 4.980 Euros. It varies depending on the season. For other vehicles the charge is 16.70 or 10.70 Euros. There are car rental services available.

Other Info

Apart from the tallest tower in the country, the village is also famous for its love settings. It is situated in a valley encompassed by mountains. Remains of a medieval cemetery can also be seen around the site.

If you are staying in the country for a few days, you can easily get around the villages via the local bus service. There are several bus lines, and they all go through Andorra La Vella.

The Sant Joan de Caselles Church is also a great place to take pictures. It looks great during the summer. The surrounding is also exceptional during the winter. The contrast between the church and the white snow can be striking.