Saint Martin’s Concathedral in Bratislava – Slovakia

St Martin’s Cathedral in Bratislava is one of the most impressive religious buildings in Slovakia. Presently it is the cathedral of the Archdiocese of Bratislava. The cathedral is one of the most ancient in Slovakia.


The cathedral is located at Bratislava, the capital of the country. The cathedral is close to the western border of the center under the Bratislava Castle.

What to See

The cathedral is most noted for its height of 85 meters. The interior of the cathedral is also noteworthy for its design. There is also a statue of St. Martin in the area. The courtyard is also noted for the outbuildings remains. The cathedral is probably best known for containing the remains of Saint John the Merciful from the 7th century.

The St Martins Cathedral in Bratislava has three naves. It measures 69.37 m x 22.85 m x 16.02 m (L x W x H). The shape of the edifice is akin to a crucifix. The nave is symbolic of the body of Christ. The presbytery is symbolic of Christs inclined head.

At the altar, the equestrian statue group of St. Martin dominates the scene. The figure is clad as a Hungarian hussar does.


Even before the cathedral was built, the site was already a place of worship. It also used to be a market and a chapel. The Bratislava Castle was also a place of worship. A church was constructed there in 1221. It was done in the Romanesque manner. As the town grew, a new cathedral had to be built.

The construction was not completed until 1452. The delay was due to lack of funds and the advent of the Hussite Wars. Through the 15th and 16th centuries, construction of the cathedral continued. A presbytery was added in 1461-1497.

The church got its present look around 1869 to 1877. The church was redesigned, giving it a more Gothic appearance. For several years, the church would become the site for the coronation of kings and queens.


The entrance fee to the cathedral is 2 Euros.

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Other Info

Right next to the cathedral is a monument. A synagogue used to be located there until the Communists brought it down.

At the head of the St Martin’s Cathedral in Bratislava tower is the Hungarian Crowns replica. This is set on a 4 meter stone pillow.