Salle Garnier or Monaco Opera House in Monte Carlo – Monaco

The Monaco Opera House in Monte Carlo is one of the most beautiful buildings in the principality. It is also known as the Salle Garnier.


The opera house is located in Monte Carlo in Monaco.

What to See

Its atrium is paved with marble and there are 28 columns comprised of onyx around it. From here you will be able to enter the Opera Hall. The Hall is decorated with gold and red trimmings. Elegant sculptures and bas-reliefs surround it.

The Gaming Rooms are lavishly designed with sculptures, paintings and stained glass windows. The style is Belle Epoque. The opera house has a seating capacity of 324.


Since the Monaco Opera House in Monte Carlo was created, it has been the stage for ballets, concerts and operas. The edifice was constructed sometime in the late 19th century.

The inspiration for the building was French architecture. During this period, the French were regarded as the center of culture. Prince Charles III, king of Monaco, sought to build a private theater. His goal was to ensure French culture was maintained in his kingdom.

Under the supervision of Garnier, the structure was finished in eight months. The design is such that it is a mini version of the Paris Opera House.

The opera house was constructed by Charles Garnier, the French architect. The inauguration was held on 25th January, 1879. The main entrance could only be used by members of the royal family. A special staircase was designed so they could go to the private box.

The first performance featured Sarah Bernhardt. The first opera conducted was Le Chevalier Gaston by Robert Planquette on February 8, 1879. The first season had three more operas.

The successor of Charles III, Albert I further propelled the place into the world stage. Under director Raoul Gunsbourg, numerous productions took place. One of the most notable was La damnation de Faust in 1893. In January 1894, the Italian tenor Francesco Tamagno appeared in Verdi’s Otello.


The admission fee is 10 Euros. This fee is for the tour of the place. The fees for the performances will vary of course.

Other Info

The duration of a visit is typically 40 minutes. The place is restricted to persons over 18 years of age. It is necessary to provide an ID.

The Monaco Opera House in Monte Carlo has played host to numerous performers. These include Schipa, Tamango, Patti, Gigli and Melba.