San Blas Archipelago in Colon – Panama

The San Blas Archipelago in Panama is one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Aside from island hopping, there are other attractions and activities for the island visitors.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The archipelago is located at Panama’s Caribbean coast. Made up of 378 islands, they can be found on the Isthmus north coast. The quickest way to get there is by flying to the island by ay of Air Panama. You can also reach the islands by boats from Cartagena/Colombia. The journey will take about five days.

What to See There

The waters of San Blas Archipelago are famous for its coral reefs. Dividing enthusiasts will relish the coral reefs below the surface. One of the best places to go diving is the Dog Islands. Its waters are not deep and have plenty of tropical fish. The best time to go snorkeling is between April to June.

Aside from the seascape, there is an abundance of wildlife. The island is autonomous, so you will experience the life, music, legends, myths and traditions of the Kuna Indians.


Only 49 of the 378 islands are inhabited. The islands are the dwelling place of the Kuna Indians. The inhabitants of the island have been there for many, many years. These indigenous people can also be found in Panama. During the Spanish invasion, they were forced off Panama and had to go to the islands.

To this day, the tribal chief still resides on Acuadup Island. Majority of the tribe are fishermen or hunters. Many of the inhabitants can now speak Spanish. However, their olden ways are still being preserved by the elder folk.


Flights from Panama straight to the islands are possible. The fares range from $80 and $150. This is a round trip ticket. A Kuna tribe member is present in many of the islands. They charge a dollar per person for swimming or sunbathing.

Other Info

Many of the restaurants are found in the larger villages. Most of the grocery stores are also in the village. Beverages and basic food can be purchased here. Many of the hotels will include the meals as part of your stay. Majority of the food are fish, lobster and crabs. Vegetables are aplenty. However, western-style food is a bit limited.

You can also buy beer at some islands on the San Blas Archipelago. There are also locally made drinks available.