San Salvador Volcano – El Salvador

The San Salvador Volcano is one of the most iconic symbols of El Salvador. There are many tourist spots in the nation, but few provide such scenic views of the area like this one.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The volcano can be found northwest of San Salvador city. El Salvador’s capital is next to this volcano. The city’s western portion is on the slopes of the volcano.

What to See There

The volcano is a majestic sight. It is extinct, so there is no danger of an eruption. It is now possible to hike to the top of the volcano. From there you can see the city clearly. The crater has been almost filled up with the Boquerón volcano.

Radio and TV antennas can be seen all over the peaks of El Picacho. Antennas are also visible from the Boqueron crater. El Picacho has the highest peak at nearly 2,000 m altitude.


The San Salvador Volcano came to be nearly 70,000 years ago. Through natural processes, an edifice was formed 3,000 m above sea level and 14 km in diameter. 40,000 to 50,000 years ago, an explosion called the G-1 took place.

This produced the crater 4.5 km by 6 km. Scientists believe the Jabali and Picacho peaks are all that remains of the crater. The G-1 episode produced a plinian style eruption. The magma chamber in the volcano has numerous fissures.


Tourists visiting the country must have a passport and their tourist or visa card. Tourist cards are good for 90 days. They can be bought for $10 at the entry point. Bus fares usually do not cost more than $3 even for the longest trips.

Other Info

The Boqueron edifice was created 40,000 to 50,000 years ago. It would go on to fill up the crater. Research has shown that the Boqueron lava has a lot of iron oxide and alkali. The current crater was created after a big explosion 800 years ago.

The crater is now 500 m deep and 1.5 km in diameter. There are crops along the crater’s upper walls. These were put there by the locals who live close to the volcano.

The San Salvador Volcano is one of the not-to-be-missed destinations in El Salvador. Aside from the stunning surroundings, the volcano itself is something worth exploring. It is a site that many visitors keep coming back to.