Sanfins Citania in Pacos de Ferreira – Portugal

Sanfins Citania in Pacos de Ferreira is one of the most fascinating tourist spots in Portugal. If you are a history buff, the artifacts in the site will definitely pique your interest.


The site is in Pacos de Ferreira in Porto. It is in the Douro Litor region.

What to See

There are several ruins and artifacts in the site. Several of them date back to the 2nd century BC. The walls in the site are particularly noteworthy as they look very formidable and strong. The excavation indicate that an urbanized settlement had been established in the site.

There are also hill forts and walled villages in the Sanfins Citania in Pacos de Ferreira. Archaeologists date this back to the Bronze Age and Iron Age. There are cividades, citanias and castros in the area.

One of the finest attractions here is the fort. There are circular dwellings, baths, drainage channels and other features. There are also walls around the fort. Many of the residential units have been rebuilt, showcasing how they used to be.


The Neanderthals were the first people to inhabit what would become Portugal. They were eventually replaced by Homo Sapiens. They were the first to set up an organized society in the area. Neolithic Portugal saw the first stages of animal herding. Some marine fishing and cultivation of cereal crops were taking place.

The Celts came to the area in 1000 BC The Celts interbred with the local population. Roman occupation of the area took place in 219 BC. In the space of 200 years, the Rome had completely conquered the area.

The 5th century saw the Germanic tribes conquered the peninsula. The Early Middle Ages saw Portugal slowly coming into its own. By the 15th century, the Portuguese Empire had emerged.


There are many travel tours to Portugal. There are some guided tours that cost 3000 to 4000 USD. The price hinges on the duration of the tour and what sites you want to visit.

Other Info

This site is one of the most important sites in the Iberian Peninsula. The site was assessed in 1895. There were several excavations conducted in 1944 and 1967. In 1946 the site was declared a national monument.

Sanfins Citania in Pacos de Ferreira used to be just a site for archaeologists. However, it has since been turned into an open air museum. Today there are many facilities available designed to accommodate tourists.