Santa Coloma Church in Gran Valira Valley – Andorra

The Santa Coloma Church at Gran Valira Valley is one of the most remarkable churches in Andorra. Visitors to the country often drop by the site simply to appreciate its appearance.


The church is situated in the Gran Valira Valley in Andorra. The Valley is located between Les Escaldes and Andorra la Vella. Valira del Nord and Valira d’Orient make up the Gran Valira river. This flows into the Spanish frontier. The church is in Santa Coloma village. This is close to the road that will take you to Spain.

What to See

The Santa Coloma Church architecture is Romanesque. One of its most striking features is the three-stage tower. This feature makes it quite different from the other churches in the area. Inside the church is the statue of the Virgin of Coloma.

There are Mozarabic frescoes decorating the arched entrance. The medieval font is also noteworthy. Not far off is the castle of Sant Vicenc, also built in the 12th century.


From 1278 until 1994, the Andorran government set up was unique. It was jointly ruled by the Spanish bishop of Urgel and the French chief of state. The feudal system was eventually changed in 1993. The titular heads of state were kept. The government changed this into a parliamentary set up.

The island was initially impoverished. But after World War II, the nation began to prosper thanks to its tourism industry. Many people were attracted to the country. The low income taxes also attracted migrant workers.

Today, nearly 80% of the country’s GDP stems from tourism. Today, nearly 10 million people visit the country yearly. The tax haven status of the banks has also made it popular. Agriculture only makes up 2% of its GDP.


Bus fares cost 23 Euros one-way and 40 Euros for a round trip journey. There are many car rentals in the area, but their rates vary. The church is well known so getting there is easy.

Other Info

Not too far off is the Ordino-Arcalis Ski Area. This is ideal for novice and intermediate skiers. The Valira del Nord Valley is also nearby. A road goes through it. Passing by, you will see a bridge dating from the medieval age called the Pont de Sant Antoni. The village of Anyos is also a noteworthy site.

The Santa Coloma Church is a perfect example of Romanesque architecture in the country. The other attractions nearby make it an even more enticing place to visit.