Saquisili Indigenous Market in Quito – Ecuador

It is surely fun to shop in Ecuador. The Saquisili Indigenous Market in Quito is one of the reasons behind that fact!

Location and How to Get There

The Saquisili Indigenous Market is located in the Andean Highlands near Quito, Ecuador’s capital city. You can take a bus that charges $1.50 to get there. That is a very small cost considering what awaits you at the market, and the very low prices you will be treated to.

What to See There

There is a large variety of produce available at the Saquisili Indigenous Market. Thursday is market day so expect the place to be packed not just with locals and tourists but with an assortment of products from animals to fresh produce to dry goods like textile and crafts.

Saquisili is a nice place to shop because you can get a very low price for everything. This is also the best place to go when you want to get a feel of how the locals live their lives. Saquisili reflects the local Ecuadorian lifestyle. Indigenous people come down here from the mountains early Thursday morning to sell or barter their products.

Practically everything is available in Saquisili Indigenous Market. There is even a square there where stolen goods and pirated DVDs are being sold.

While you are roaming around, looking for anything to buy, you must not forget to take a bite. Street foods or those sold in stalls are quite cheap you will feel heavy even before you exhaust a dollar.


It is not quite clear how this market have started. The only thing for sure is that it has been a tradition not just for locals but also for tourists to come over every Thursday to see how lively the market can get.


Your dollar will go a long way if you will choose to spend it at the Saquisili Indigenous Market. Most of the products here are available for at least half the price compared to the other markets in Quito. One dollar can already buy a pound of strawberries or a meal. You will not need to spend so much to have an adventure at the Saquisili Indigenous Market and every cent you spend is definitely worth spending.

Other Info

Guinea pigs or cuy are sold at the Saquisili Indigenous Market for cooking. A dish involving cuy is a must-try if you are in Ecuador. You can buy a dish for $15 but if you want to save money, you can considerably if you choose to buy a live guinea pig at the market for a dollar. Then again, you will have to take the pain of killing it, skinning it, and cooking it.