Scuba Diving in the Red Sea – Sudan

Scuba Diving in the Red Sea – Sudan is a popular water sport for those looking to explore the waters of the historic Red Sea. The untouched reefs, beautiful corals and abundant undersea life make for a perfect dive whether you are going in for a day dive or a night dive.


Scuba Diving in the Red Sea – Sudan kicks off at Port Sudan. There are dive spots in the northern parts of Port Sudan as well as in its southern parts but most divers and dive operators go down the northern dive spots as this is where most of the interesting dive spots are located.

Port Sudan is within the Red Sea State.

Getting There

You can fly in via the Khartoum Airport or the international airport in Port Sudan, although international flights at the Port Sudan airport are limited. From the airport in Khartoum, you can get a car hire service which will take you directly to Port Sudan for your scuba diving in the Red Sea – Sudan adventure.

There is a major thoroughfare that links Khartoum to Port Sudan, passing through Wad Medani and there is also a newly-opened major highway that connects to Port Sudan via Atbara.

What to See

Scuba Diving in the Red Sea – Sudan, there is plenty to see and explore. Famous reefs such as the Shaab Rumi, Sanganeb and Angarosh give you excellent opportunities for viewing hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks, oceanic sharks, grey reef sharks and even thresher sharks.

There are also schools of humphead parrot fish plus plenty of other small fishes swimming about.

There is also the wreck of Umbria, the Blue Belt wreck and Jacques Cousteau underwater habitat.

Brief History

It was Hans Haas who first discovered the wreck of Umbria down in Sudan’s part of the Red Sea back in the late ‘40s. Scuba Diving in the Red Sea – Sudan became a popular water sports ever since this first discovery of the wreck.

Diving in the Red Sea via Port Sudan is more pleasurable to most people as the dive sites are not as crowded as compared to other dive sites in the world.

You can enjoy your diving expedition relatively unhampered by other divers giving you more freedom to explore and discover everything that Sudan’s Red Sea has to offer.


Scuba Diving in the Red Sea – Sudan is generally through live-aboards. Depending on your dive operator, a week-long trip that covers several dives through different dive sites, accommodations, meals and diving equipment can cost anywhere from ?695 to ?945 per person.

Two-week dive expeditions are basically around €2,200 per person.

Other Information

The windy season in Sudan is between the months of November and February which could make boat trips a little rough. If you have seasickness, these months are not the best time to go scuba diving in the Red Sea – Sudan.