Seorak-san in Gangwon-do – Korea

Gangwon-do is a province of South Korea, located at the northeastern tip of the country. It is comprised of several cities, with each one having its unique distinction from the others.

Sokcho for instance, is most popular for Seorak-san in Gangwon-do – Korea.


Seorak-san in Gangwon-do – Korea is a mountain that is part of the Taebaek Mountain Range. It is protected by a national park, the Seorak-san National Park located a few kilometers from the city of Sokcho.

Getting There

Your gateway to Seorak-san in Gangwon-do – Korea is Sokcho. From the city center, there are buses that regularly run the route going to the national park where the mountain is located.

Take bus numbers 7 or 7-1 which will take you directly to the entrance of the national park. You can also take a taxi going to the national park.

A bus ride will take about thirty minutes while taxis can get you there in about fifteen to twenty minutes.

What to See and Do

Seorak-san in Gangwon-do – Korea provides plenty of opportunities for hiking and trekking. The trails range from easy to difficult which makes it easier for visitors to choose a trail that is suitable for them.

There are in fact trails that will require you to hike up at the latter part of the trail only.

The trails will take you to Ulsanbawi Rock where you will have to climb up the steps to reach the peak. There are more than eight hundred steps to take but the view from the peak will make the climb well worth it.

You can also visit the Biryong Waterfalls, a Buddhist cave, view a large statue of the Buddha and visit temples situated along the trails.

There is a cable car that can take you to the peak and give you a good vista of the grounds down below as you travel up on the cable car.

Brief History

Seorak-san in Gangwon-do – Korea has the highest mountain peak among the mountains within the Taebaek Mountain Range. It is likewise the 3rd highest peak in South Korea.

Its highest elevation is the Daechongbong Peak which rises up to one thousand seven hundred and eight meter above sea level.

Seorak-san was declared a Natural Monument in the year 1965 and in 1973, it was declared a park preservation area. Nine years later, it was designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Preservation District; particularly in August of the year 1982.


The national park that covers Seorak-san in Gangwon-do – Korea does not charge an entry fee. For the cable car ride, the fee is about 8,500 Korean won per person.

Camping on the grounds within the national park cost about 2,000 Korean won for adults and 1,500 Korean won for kids aged 13 years up to 18 years old; during peak season.

Off-peak camping is about 1,600 Korean won for adults and 1,200 Korean won for kids.

Other Information

The best time to visit Seorak-san in Gangwon-do Korea is in autumn; between the months of October and November. The trees display beautiful yellow and orange leaves.