Serra Geral – Brazil

The Serra Geral mountain range is one of the most spectacular sights in Brazil. While there is no shortage of natural scenic spots in the country, this one is hard to beat for sheer beauty.


The mountain range can be found to the south of Brazil. The Aparados de Sera National Park is in the Rio Grande do Sul state. The mountain range constitutes part of the Serra do Mar system.

What to See

The area is frequented by tourists due to the scenery. In this area you will see many rivers, lagoons and bays. Aside from the mountain range, the park is the other big attraction. The park is known for its biodiversity. The area is filled with grasslands and coastal forests.

The Serra Geral mountain range is home to over 39 types of amphibians, 48 types of mammals and 143 species of birds. The park is also home to several endangered species. These include the cougar, the maned wolf and the Red-spectacled Amazon parrot.

The mountain range is parallel to the Atlantic coast at Santa Catarina. The features of the coastal plain are varied, ranging from bays to small rivers. To the west of the range is a plateau.


Fossil evidence at Minas Gerais indicate the area making up present-day Brazil has been lived in by indigenous people for the past 8,000 years. These inhabitants were referred to by the Portuguese as “Indians” (indios).

Due to its location, not much is known about Brazilian history before 1500. Before the Europeans came to the country in 1500, the area likely had over 2,000 tribes and nations. The earliest residents of the area were engaged in agriculture, gathering and fishing.

The Europeans who came to the place saw the natives living by the river banks and the coast. The first European to discover the country was Portuguese Pedro Alvares Cabral on 22 April, 1500.


The entrance fee to the Aparados da Serra National Park is 6 dollars per adult.

Other Info

The slopes of the park is home to many more animals including the brown howling monkey, Ocelot and the Neotropical Otter. To help preserve the park, visitors to the park are limited to 1,500 per day.

The Serra Geral mountain range and park are very popular tourist attractions. But they were designed primarily to protect the area. Since it was founded in 1959, the areas covered by the park have been increased to preserve more animal species.