Seville Cathedral in Andalusia – Spain

The Seville Cathedral is the biggest Gothic cathedral on the planet. Overall it is the third biggest church in the world. It is also known as the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See.


The cathedral is located at Avenida Constitucion in Sevilla.

What to See

The church is 135 meters (443 ft) long and 100 meters (330 ft) wide. It is 42 meters (138 ft) high. There is a spire with a height of 105 meters (344 ft). Its nave is the longest in the country and is ornately decorated. It is also laden with gold. The choir structure is boxlike, filling up the central aspect of the nave.

There is also a Gothic retablo in the Seville Cathedral. There you will see scenes from the life of Jesus. The Giralda has become one of the best known symbols of Spain. It is worth noting that the Giralda was a minaret that was changed into a bell tower. It has a base of 13.61 meters. It is 105 meters high. The spire top and bell tower have been built in the Renaissance manner.


The cathedral was constructed for the purpose of showing off the wealth of Seville. In July 1401, the idea for building the cathedral emerged. Construction was begun a year later in 1402. The nave was completed thirty years later in 1432. In 1475, work on the stalls had begun. By 1481, the doorways to the altar had been finished. The work would only be completed in 1506.

In 1511, the dome suddenly collapsed. They began rebuilding the cathedral. In 1888, the dome was destroyed again by an earthquake. The damage proved so severe that reconstruction would continue until 1903. The earthquake would also destroy several objects in the church. Today however, the cathedral has been turned into into one of the major tourist spots in the country.


The entrance fee is 2 Euros. The place is free on Sundays.

Other Info

There are 90 chapels. One of the most famous is the baptistery Chapel of Saint Anthony. This one has the Vision of St. Anthony (1656), a painting by Bartolome Esteban Murillo.

From 1st September to 30th June, the Seville Cathedral is open Monday to Saturday 11am to 5pm. On Sundays it is open 2.30pm to 6pm. During summer (1st July to 31st August), the church is open Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 4pm. On Sundays it is open 2.30pm to 6pm.