Shalimar Gardens in Lahore – Pakistan

The Shalimar Gardens in Lahore – Pakistan make for an excellent spot to relax and unwind after exploring the city’s other attractions. This Persian garden has three levels of terraces, hundreds of fountains, various buildings and surrounded by a wide variety of fragrant and fruit-bearing trees.


The Shalimar Gardens in Lahore – Pakistan is located along the Grand Trunk Road, approximately five kilometers off Lahore’s city center.

Getting There

Getting around in Lahore is mainly via rickshaws and taxis. While there are minivans available as well, these are not recommended as the drivers oftentimes drive rather carelessly.

Your best option therefore to reach Shalimar Gardens in Lahore – Pakistan is through a rickshaw. Since it is only five kilometers off the city center, you would best take the rickshaw as it is cheaper than taxis.

In addition, rickshaws provide for a more scenic ride around town.

What to See

There are about four hundred and ten fountains found within Shalimar Gardens in Lahore – Pakistan. These fountains are spread out among the three levels of terraces in the gardens.

Farah Baksh is the upper level which is also called the Bestower of Pleasure. In this level, there are one hundred and five fountains in all. The second level is called the Faiz Baksh which translates to Bestower of Goodness.

In Faiz Baksh, there are one hundred and fifty-two fountains. Finally, the lower terrace which is known as Hayat Baksh or Bestower of Life, has one hundred and fifty-three fountains, making a total of 410 fountains combined.

Trees surrounding the Shalimar Gardens in Lahore – Pakistan include Almond, Peach, Cherry, Apple, Poplar, Apricot and Peach, among others.

The buildings within the gardens meanwhile include the Royal Bath, Resting Place, Grand Hall, Dream Place of the Emperor’s Wife, sleeping chambers and pavilions.

Brief History

Shalimar Gardens in Lahore – Pakistan takes the form of an oblong parallelogram, designed after Char Bagh, a Persian-inspired concept of garden layouts.

Dimensions of the gardens are six hundred and fifty-eight meters stretching from the northern and southern tips and two hundred and fifty-eight meters stretching from the eastern to the western side.

It was inscribed as a UNSECO World Heritage Site in the year 1981.


Visiting the garden is free. Accommodations around Lahore generally cost between 200 rupees for dorm-style rooms and 350 rupees for double-occupancy rooms.

Rickshaw rides are generally around 30 rupees.

Other Information

Unfortunately, there has been much violence surrounding Pakistan in recent years and Lahore has not been spared from this. If you are planning to visit here, it is best to check your country’s travel advisory regarding visits to Pakistan.