Shopping – Jordan

There are many interesting things to buy in Jordan. Shopping is truly one amusing activity you must include in your itinerary.

Location and How to Get There

Like in many countries, marketplaces are all over the country. There are shops that specialize in some items and shops that specialize in other items. To know where to go, you must first determine what exactly you are looking to buy.

If you intend to buy souvenirs that will serve as the symbol of your recent trip to Jordan, your shopping spree can occur anywhere. Souvenir items are available in every town or city.

To get to the shopping districts, you will need the help of public transport. If you have a bigger budget for transportation, you may avail of a private touring car, which will easily take you around not just to shop but also to do a lot of things.

What to See There

As with any other market, there is an endless list of items for sale in Jordan markets. You can buy as much as you want and as much as you can, depending, of course, to your capacity to pay.

More than just shopping, visiting Jordan markets is also an interesting sightseeing activity. Roaming around the shops and seeing what’s available for sale is also a way of understanding how the locals live their lives. A lot of things in the market hubs can show you the lifestyle of the locals and it is a good opportunity to get to learn more about them.


Shopping in Jordan has a long history that can be traced to the country’s past.


The items that are being sold in Jordan come in varying prices. Depending on the item, the quality, the manufacturer, and whether it is locally produced or imported from other countries.

Of course, prices at malls differ from the prices at street shops.

Other Info

Some of the interesting shopping centers that you could visit include:

* Safeway – a pioneer in the retailing business. It was found in late 1980s, was bought out by Masri family in 1991, and went on to conquer the retailing scene many expansion efforts through the years.

* Cozmo – is a shopping hub and entertainment center at the same time. It sells anything and everything under one roof alongside a wide range of amenities.

* Abdoun Mall – sells everything from clothes to shoes to bridal gowns to baby products to home items to antiques and handicrafts.

* Mecca Mall – is a popular shopping site in West Amman, Jordan. It is a 6,500 square meter, five-story, 1st class shopping mall conveniently located along Mecca Street.